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This forum has been established to encourage the enjoyment of detecting for gold in the West Australian Goldfields and, the camaraderie of those who take part in a hobby/profession that excites everyone whether they find a bit of the yellow stuff or not. This forum is aimed fairly and squarely at West Australians but everyone is welcome. There are certain rules that do apply and will be enforced and we expect everyone to abide by them. Read the rules, if you don’t like them, please don’t join. • No racial discrimination. Although we have an “implied right” to freedom of speech under the “Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia”, we are governed by laws and you will be expected to abide by the law. • Respect other member’s opinions. While you may not agree with an opinion, we expect you to argue a point of discussion like a decent human being and accept a person’s right to hold their opinion. No shit fights amongst members, take them out of this site (use your personal email address) if you have the guts to do so. If you cannot abide with this, your post will be deleted, and so will you. • Abide by the mining laws of both Federal & State governments. At no time do we encourage or advocate law breaking. If you choose to do so and get caught, this site will not take any responsibility for your actions or bad choices. • Contain your bad language, full foul words will not be tolerated. Use ** or ## or whatever you choose to emphasize your point of view. • Advertising via a link will not be accepted without prior approval of the management and will be deleted if deemed unacceptable. • At all times be aware of the copyright laws in Australia and abroad. We accept no responsibility if you breech these laws. Let’s make this site something to be proud of. The West Australian goldfields are the best in the world (that’s our opinion) and explains why everyone wants to come here. Enjoy your time here, please share your knowledge, and let’s have fun. Cliff Admin