Garrett AT Gold and AT Pro air test

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Garrett AT Gold and AT Pro air test

Post by Jack on Sun 13 May 2012, 11:11 am

Have put the results in the comment area of video, but in short if you own a AT Pro put the machine in pro mode, if you own AT Gold put it in All Metal Mode and buy a 11 inch DD coil for AT Gold if you want to find coins around 14 inches. Final thing, with AT Gold or Pro in Pro mode, get the best headphones you can, you need to listen for faint sounds this will give you the chance to hit a target deep.

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AT Gold in
all metal mode
5x8 coil, a 1 inch in size coin is picked up at 12 inches with ease, faint out to 13 to 14 inches, need good hearing, headphones etc at 14 inches to hear a faint sound change,
in disc 1
5x8 coil you hit a max of 8 inches and no sound after that on same coin
all metal mode
11 inch coil, 12 inch good signal, signal still easy to hear at 13 inch, getting a bit hit and miss around 14 to 15 inches, tried a few coins copper to 14, silver to 15 inch if large 12 to 13 if small in size
disc 1
11 inch coil, 9 inch good signal, gone by 10 inch unless a big coin then you get 11 inch faint.

AT Pro in
zero disc, standard mode
11inch coil, a 1 inch in size coin is picked up at 10 inches loud, a bit hit and miss at 11 inches
zero disc, pro mode
11inch coil, a good sound at 9 inch, faint sound at 11, so a bit hit and miss at 12

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