hot rocks and sd 2200

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hot rocks and sd 2200

Post by leinsterlad on Fri 07 Sep 2012, 4:43 pm

could any one help me out with my hot rocks (the ones on the ground not in me shorts),is there a way to set up my 2200 to eliminate as many hot rocks as possible,without descriminating out any gold ,could i set my metal descrimination more than half way were i currently have it ,any help is appreciated

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Re: hot rocks and sd 2200

Post by Guest on Fri 07 Sep 2012, 9:24 pm

G'day Mike

Mate your disc mode wont help at all on hotrocks, it only blanks out on ferrous metals like tin etc and only if the metal isn't to rusted.
Discrimination systems work on known conductivity's of known metals "ie" ferrous/non ferrous, so when the tin "ferrous" gets rusted its conductivity levels changes and the disc wont fully knock it out and sometimes not at all.
We have 2 main types of hot rocks to deal with mate, one lot are hot from the shear iron mineral content and the other ones are a problem due to high magnetic properties.
We can to a fair degree eliminate the mineral hot rocks by use of DD coils "especially on SD/GP models, but the magnetic ones still plague even the 5000 and are a pain at times.
If you are already running DD on your 2200 try this trick mate,
gather up a few hot rocks and place them in a 20" wide area like a pizza and then ground balance over them.
now dont just use 100% hot rocks, go for a 50/50 mix of rocks and the underlying dirt etc.
Also just make sure your in tracking as sometimes it can be knocked out when moving spots..



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