Typical Greenstone Ground

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Typical Greenstone Ground

Post by Guest on Tue 13 Dec 2011, 11:32 am

Many of you may have already seen this photo before, its taken on a good patch i found a couple of years ago
out Nth East of Leonora, the ground is ya typical Greenstone belt type, with small quartz leaders and contact
zones with Ironstone and BIF (Banded Iron Formation).
These 4 types of rock are very good indicators in WA that gold could be lurking around nearby.

Greenstones are actually metamorphic or altered rocks, usually a form of Granite that has been re heated and compressed until it changes its composition into a more finer grained rock form.

BIF or (Banded Iron Formation) are a Sedimentary rock that are almost always of Precambrian age, and
are laid down over millions of years as seperate thin layers, typical BIF consists of repeated, thin layers of
iron oxides.

The quartz in the area of this photo is very mineralised, or whats known as "Burnt Quartz" its called this because it actually looks like its been in a red hot fire for millions of years, and so it has.
Were not over excited when we see a "Buck" or barren quartz reef (pure white) but when we see a filthy looking
quartz with black and or brown ironstone staining thats when we start to get the old brain cracking, especially
if the other rocks above are in the near vicinity.

You will also notice very sparse plant life, its not totally due to shortage of water but also because the
mineralisation in this area is so high that very few plants and trees can tolerate it.

What the Gold from this area looks like

Crazy Pete Cool


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Re: Typical Greenstone Ground

Post by joshybear05 on Wed 01 Oct 2014, 6:46 am

My dear god that is awesome!!!


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Re: Typical Greenstone Ground

Post by Nightjar on Wed 01 Oct 2014, 7:50 am

Missing the West Pete?

Good luck & safe travels

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Re: Typical Greenstone Ground

Post by aussie18 on Wed 01 Oct 2014, 9:11 am

hahaha I heard from Pete on the weekend and I don't think he is missing it to much ATM.
he found some nice gold grand final morning and he still hasn't posted photo's the bugger.
I think he has trouble with internet connection where he is, looking forward to seeing it though

get out there and get it

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