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detecter options

Post by edwood on Sun 20 Jan 2013, 10:01 am

A few views please...
A mate has a gpx 4500 and his son is hell keen on detecting as well, only they gotta share the one unit. The young bloke is working saving for a second handy as he is still school age. He is looking for a 3500 or up, but got discouraged when he looked at one and the seller switched it on and nothing happened. He is saving hard and will just have to share his old mans.
I was thinking of suggesting a bran nue Eureka gold, for about $1200 or so, that way at least he is in the game with a reliable machine and initial outlay is less.
What do youse reckon of the eureka gold for up the pilbara? A good compromise, or keep saving for the technomology of the gp's.

Thanks in advance

PS I have made mine available to him anytime he wants to borrow, he is a good kid.


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Re: detecter options

Post by Guest on Sun 20 Jan 2013, 11:15 am

G'day ED

Always nice to hear of the young uns gettin into the game, best thing for em gettin out bush and
away from Electronica.
As to the Eureka gold for up nth forget it mate, the old school VLF's just cant cut the mustard
with the ironstone rich areas like that, he would spend all day chasing ground noises and quickly
wanna wrap it round a tree and head back to camp all flustered..
Depends on his budget too but a good S/H GP Extreme would be a goody for him to learn the trade
and they are a dime a dozen at $2000 with extra bits thrown in..

His other option would be the cheaper SD2200D, still a good unit and there's one on Gumtree at the mo
for $1400 with a heap of extras.



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