Minelab did the right thing

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Minelab did the right thing

Post by Stingray on Thu 26 Sep 2013, 9:59 pm

Hi, my Mum has a 4500 that I have been using recently. It has this strange and very irritating fault that took a long time to actually work out. The machine would go totally unstable for a short time and cycle through an increasingly positive then negative ground signal.

Geez I chased some great signals out of the hole, into the dirt pile and everywhich way - then they just disappeared.

Anyway, we sent it back under warranty and it came back 'repaired'. As you know you can't test these machines in a city. When I could finally test it the fault was still there. The machine works great most of the time, but not when it was doing its thing. I worked out that the time between switching on, and the machine switching to this cycling mode, depenied on the charge in the battery. After many weeks I could predict when it would happen to within a couple of minues.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, it is now 2 years out of warranty, but I sent it back again last week after calling the tech and sending them a video I took of the machine faulting - just as described when it was first returned.

It came back today and I just openned the box - they have replaced the entire PCB (printed circuit board) as a gesture of goodwill.

To Minelab's credit, they went above and beyond what I suppose they had to do legally, but they did the right thing in my book. Obviously I haven't tested it, but I guess they couldn't really do much more and I am hopeful it is now OK.

Anyway, I am very pleased in their reponse and wanted you to know about my positive experience.



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