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Post by Guest on Sun 06 Jul 2014, 4:27 pm

GOT A BUNGY SET UP FROM MADMAX800--It is easy to fit--put your left hand through the big loop and the srap goes over the back of yah neck and the bungy attaches to the machine just in front of the box.  

It worked for me--

me swag was all set up and then we settled down for a feed and a few refreshment served by some nice barmaids.

another stand in comedian who reckons he can cook---

take two--read the instructions on how to cook--bugger me dead --slow learner..

take 3--the fire says it all--

the only nugget I got--couple of inches down and screamed like a speared pig--1.04GRAMS

now all said and done--heres a few pointers u need to do using the 2300--:

1) the handle will eventually give u blisters if u have soft hands as the continual rubbing becomes annoying--cotton glove will eliminate the problem..

2) were a bungy harness to eliminate fatigue--the machine will wear u down after a couple of hours--if I didn't have the bungy harness on I reckon I would have only used it for a couple of hours --however with the harness I ran with it all day and no fatigue--I'm out there to enjoy what I do not get weighed down with bull*.

3) u still need a pick holder to house yah pick so its a good idea to score another harness with a pick holder on the belt--or a belt will suffice with a pick holder attached--it beats carrying the pick on yah shoulder--I was getting grey hairs worrying about leaving the pick behind..

4) take the battery charger with you or at least another set of batteries would be a must..my batteries lasted the whole 7 hours of detecting no problems..

5) put on a knee pad as u may find yourself picking a few more targets than normal--the good thing about the machine is that it certainly lets u know  the target is there--loud and clear

6) I could locate the target quiet easily wearing head phones..

7) the external speaker in windy conditions would be a complete waste of time in my humble opinion.

8)u loose a lot of sensitivity when u put the machine in 2-3 salt settings..
   I kept mine in 2-3 normal until it started to get too noisy.

9) the machine battled high EMI with ease--I couldn't believe it--Planes Trains and automobiles no problem--whereas the GPX machines I would be continually moving the Manual Tune to get rid of the EMI.  This feature of the machine will be a major advancement to detecting up my way--

10) it handled the highly mineralised ground with ease

11) It ran over the CRAB Hole country with ease no warbling-no snakes to hit on the head--but no gold either--I will definetly give it more time out there to b sure..

I did notice the blue O ring on the battery flap did come off when putting in batteries---might need a bit of silicone in there to hold it in position--I would hate to drop the machine in salt water and have the battery compartment corrode due to a mis aligned O ring....

hope this helps


All in all a very easy machine to use and put away..and the dam thing finds gold--

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Re: SWINGING WITH THE 2300--pics

Post by Moneybox on Sun 06 Jul 2014, 7:30 pm

That's a nice little nugget Ray. What does it weigh?

The bungee looks like it's identical to the Garrett ATX one. I wear it the opposite way around, with the left arm through the loop and over the right shoulder.

What do you call Crab Hole country, is it by the water?


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Re: SWINGING WITH THE 2300--pics

Post by Guest on Mon 07 Jul 2014, 7:28 am

HI Phil
crab hole country is a clay pan that dries out over time and leaves holes in the ground--great if u want to break your ankle.



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Re: SWINGING WITH THE 2300--pics

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