diamond & Gold bowl--

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diamond & Gold bowl--

Post by Guest on Sat 08 Nov 2014, 3:45 pm

A fella up our way spent a few bob building this piece of gear and now I have learnt that he has packed up and left Ktown with all his gear in storage..

he even went as far as importing all the drive motors from South Africa..maybe he hasn't heard of Aussie built motors that are water proof and heavy duty with full warrantee etc ... but each to there own..

its about 14' round and the idea is to fill it with material and the top ring has paddles attached to stir the gear up and eventually separate the gold and diamonds from the crap.

I must admit it takes a shed load of water to drive this piece of gear and would be limited in many places for the simple reason of a lack of water.

drive motors are hooked up to 2 tubed tyres and they in turn revolve the top drum.

she is built not to move in a hurry.

I am yet to see any videos of a working plant. They evolved out of South Africa and never really took of...maybe due to the expense of manufacturing.
There is a company in the States but he has given me the cold shoulder due to his personal feelings regarding Australians...shame but shite happens--move on...attitude is everything



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Re: diamond & Gold bowl--

Post by AussieAU on Sun 09 Nov 2014, 12:25 pm

Modern version of the old fashioned puddlers you see around the bush in VIC. They used real horses to get the thing turning, not electric ponys Laughing


Wouldn't it be nice!


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