day at the beach beachcombing

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day at the beach beachcombing

Post by martinjsto on Wed 07 Jan 2015, 8:04 pm

just throwing this one out there, nothing worse than sitting watching the detector collecting dust during the hotter months so I love getting down the beach for a swing in the early morning or later in the afternoon if not too hot.
I dont mind taking back a bag full of bottle tops etc as it keeps the beaches clean and sometimes you find more than beer money. i found a 1984 $1 gold coin yesterday, thought they didn't make them that early, looked it up sure enough first year of release, kwdf and I guarantee the scenery is WAY better than in the goldfields for the gals and the guys qwk;ec               spank ,  

so chatting with Chris and Cliff today, it was suggested of a family day/meetup down the beach and maybe a BBQ later as it would be a good opportunity to meet and greet and to share some info. Cliff has offered some merchandise as prizes for a token finding comp of some type or whatever is suggested such as oldest coin found.
some beaches in perth like cottesloe are raked in the morning's so although popular probably not the best for finds. older beaches where erosion has taken place yield some great old finds and Quinns beach in winter suffered a massive washout and a friend found a heap of old sixpence and threepence bits and shillings and other relics like old dog tags from the old picnic area .
beach suggestions welcome, sun screen hat sunnies suitable footwear and gloves or sand shovel all required as sharps can be uncovered.
anyhow let me know your thoughts and we can organise an event day maybe a sunday early feb (1st is abalone morning) Wink . already had interested people come forward so could end up being a great day.

keep safe out there
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