selling gold nuggets

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selling gold nuggets

Post by Guest on Tue 20 Jan 2015, 8:13 am

speaking as an individual and one that dabbles in the cross roads of gold and cash---heres a few pointers when trying to get the best price for nuggets.

make sure they have the vast majority of dirt removed and are not to discolored.

the nuggets that draw a premium are the ones with mostly smooth surfaces.

the nuggets in th 10-15gm size are the most ideal for jewelery

nuggets with a bit of character that resemble something or someone also have a good demand.

if the nugget has quartz or iron stone embeded within it then I treat it as a specy.
Generally i pay $10 a gram less than the bullion price and less as a specy.

a lot of gold just doesnt make the grade--its prickly-looks like someone shot it with a shotgun---its fragile---
If its dull which indicates that its around 90% or less in gold content.

the vast majority gets smelted down into a button--something everyone can do at home

u cant make a silk purse out of yellow bread crumbs..for every 100 nuggets there might be 2 keepers.

The best option for a lot of inconsistant gold is to flog it on fleabay--coz there are characters who buy gold with no real
meaning to their purchase and are happy to do so. I have seen small gold selling for $70 a gram.

i will endeavor to get some photos of what i deem nice nuggets and run of the mill smelting gold.



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