5000 kicks on...

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5000 kicks on...

Post by Guest on Tue 17 Feb 2015, 8:16 am

well we r in interesting times.

the GPX factor and the stealth of the GPZ

i personally think from professionals out there in the market place that with a bit of research and experimentation
more funds will go into the capabilities of coil performance and experts within their field will be looking outside the square
to enhance the penetrating power of the GPX.

As u can read here there and everywere, not everyone has the financial capacity to depart with a large outlay for the next generation machine so hopefully something new will grace our shores in the not to distant future.



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Re: 5000 kicks on...

Post by pilbara snapper on Tue 17 Feb 2015, 9:25 am

I see a lot of people whinging about the cost of the new super bipper, I think Minelab may have priced it high to look after the majority of 5000 owners , can you imagine the uproar if it had been priced closer to the retail cost of a new 5000, try selling a used 5k then !!

What people have forgotten and Ray you have tried to point this out , is that the 5000 with all its available coils etc is a great detector and if minelab had NOT released the new model most people would have been happy to use the 5000 this season.

To me this new bipper is like a new car, nice to have if you have the money or love new toys but the old car still gets me around ....just a bit slower

Regards snapper

pilbara snapper

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