Gold Amalgum question

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Gold Amalgum question

Post by CrazyPete on Sun 17 Apr 2016, 5:49 pm

The Mrs got a heavy lump of crud on her 2300 last week, suspect it's not just lead but could be Amalgum.
Funny thing is, it has that thin dark brown skin on it just like an ironstone coated nugget, but, its not gold, done scratch test.
I've dug up 100's of old 1850's musket balls in Vic and not one of them had that same chocolate skin on em..

Realise i can just burn it off if its gold chewy but before i do, I was wondering if anyone else ever found a lost ball of Amalgum and if so have yous got a picture of it by chance..

It was found on an area that
was rushed in 1853


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