Another prospector born-

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Another prospector born-

Post by purple-dragon on Thu 06 Oct 2016, 12:33 pm

Had my brother over from north east victoria for a week and he didnt want to take the boat out ,go pubbing anything -all he wanted to do was go prospectiong as he has never done it before and after seeing my finds he was foaming at the bit- so I took him to my favorite hill and showed him how to use the 2300 and followed him around for a bit to make sure he wouldnt get lost (only one hill out there)-anyhow after hearing him shouting for me I found him in a hole that he dug about two feet deep and he said theres something in here but he cant pinpoint it-so I rolled around on the ground laughing for a minute and said -"you are wearing a watch under that shirt aren`t you"-I did manage to find the original target a nice clean little 2 grammer -so he took that back east with him happy as larry-I got a call last night he just bought a 2300 and his wife wants to kill me-Dragon

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