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A bit of info

Post by Young Simmo on Thu 27 Oct 2016, 10:24 pm

OK, if I am becoming a bit of a pain, tell me to wrack off, and I will. In the mean time for anybody in the Cue area I can vaugely remember a spot that I found a few bits, and I reckon there must be some good opportunity for the STICKERS. OK, my old brain is coming into gear. I drove out the Big Bell road, and just after the water crossing I turned right. (Heading North). Maybe about 4, 5 or 6 Kms you come accross a track on the right which is heading along a fence heading back south). At the end of the fence turn right, and then after a while turn left. I went out here about 1992,3 or 4 and my memory is getting a bit thin. But you will know when you are where I was as there is plenty of Scraping and Dryblowing heaps from many moons ago. If you can find this spot, good luck as there is a lot of country out there BEGGING to be cleaned up.
Boy I would love to be 30 years younger, and I would clean it up.
Good Luck my friends.
Young Simmo

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