The Cup

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The Cup

Post by Bignuggs on Tue 01 Nov 2016, 1:31 pm

Ok, fess up.  who had a win and who did their money on future pet meat   Very Happy  
I really did have HeartBreak City as a roughy each way and I missed seeing the race    but I should get my money back on the place payout  kwdf

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Re: The Cup

Post by BIG GEM on Tue 01 Nov 2016, 8:18 pm

Well Cliff, every year for Mlb Cup we go to our neighbours and each year for some reason I have won.

This year I won again, picking 1st and 2nd as our nephew name is McEvoy and I picked Heartbreak City for all the heart ache we go thru looking for gold.

My daughter had the 1st & 2nd and won $520. Brilliant as it is her birthday today so she had an extra pressie. How is that.

Joan & Bob


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