want to find a team to prospect in Xmas holiday

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want to find a team to prospect in Xmas holiday

Post by lousongtao on Mon 05 Dec 2016, 11:59 pm

Hi, mates, I am non-experienced, but I have read many articles in our forum. I understand that prospecting in this period is very danger because of hot, but I don't want to just wait until April. Would somebody have the same thought as me? I think if the sun is too hot maybe we can work at night time. To precaution lost at night, I will not leave too far from the road.

I want to know what I should take care if work at night. Some people say the hole is very danger. Actually, I don't know what the hole is, how big it is. If I take a headlight, is it OK to find the hole? Besides the hole, what others? the snakes or python? I heard that someone saw python attack kangaroo, so python eat person is very possible.

At last, I really want to find some people go together. if you like, please send message to 0426837359


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