Test Site near Perth

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Test Site near Perth

Post by jasondavis on Thu 02 Feb 2017, 2:25 pm

Hello all,

A long shot maybe but worth a go!

I am after a site to do a bunch of tests with different detector and coils, including a quad drag coil setup.

In an ideal word I'd do this on some typical gold fields ground, but that is simply too far from Perth.  The Darling Scarp mainly consists of Laterite with good Iron content (and bauxite - frequently mined) content so I do think it will provide a decent test bed.

If someone was a few acres close by that wouldn't mind providing access, that would be appreciated.  I am happy to reciprocate by sharing my test results plus free range on use of any of my prospecting gear.  That includes GPX3500, GPX4000, SDC2300, a bunch of coils (including a 15" Detech DD, it's a ripper) and a drag coil setup (including quad bike).  Not against the beer/wine economy if that helps also. :)

Here's what I am after:

Close to Perth - closer the better!
Laterite - i.e. red dirt / gravel.  Usually on topographic highs.
An area of 20 meters by 20 meters.
Relatively flat.
Cleared and free from rocks etc (or I can remove them).

Clearly all I want to do is bury a bunch of targets so it isn't going to upset anything. Well maybe not on your lawn, but if you have a few acres, it's harmless.

My number is 0400 640 645 if you would like to get in contact.

Jason Davis


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