Are my headphones dodgy??

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Are my headphones dodgy??

Post by rusty gates on Fri 24 Nov 2017, 10:47 pm

As previously mentioned, I recently purchased a secondhand GPX5000 and it came with headphones and a single external speaker.

Having used this same model last month on my first trip, (hired from a detector shop) and using the external speaker, which I liked, I decided to try the headphones on my newly purchased 5000.

However, I found the volume was so low, it was almost impossible to hear anything, but when I switched to the external speaker, everything was 'loud & clear'.

Note: Target Volume was set to 16 on the detector.

Is this just a case of dodgy headphones???


rusty gates

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Re: Are my headphones dodgy??

Post by Flouro on Sat 25 Nov 2017, 8:15 am

Hi Rusty,

The usual fault with headphones is that they start going crackly this is a loose wire or one side cuts in and out again bad connection but to be quiet like your saying you must of missed your ear, seriously though probably a connection problem

Sometimes if the connector is not pushed all the way in you will get that but wiggling the wires will usually get a better response

The wires in headphones are very thin and to get the insulation off to bare the wire its best to burn off with a cig lighter and snub out when its done enough

Pre-tin the wire before soldering back onto the connection and everything will work fine just make sure where the wires go to

Mostly when wires break its because the battery slides around and starts rubbing against the detector as you swing so you have to keep your harness set up centerally or you get this rubbing occurring

And I always carry gear to fix these sought of problems and the connector that is supplied with the headphones is non fixable so buy a replacement one from jaycar and carry spares, the original one has to be split open to trace the wiring



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