GPX-4500 warranty repair

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GPX-4500 warranty repair

Post by Moneybox on Fri 22 Dec 2017, 4:58 pm

After the first few months out and about I noticed the endplate gaskets on the 4500 bulging out the side. I purchased this machine slightly used but only a few months old. When I took it into the local dealer they said they would return it to Minelab for warranty but asked for $40 for the freight. Seeing as I never purchased it there I happily paid the freight and soon received it back repaired but with the new gaskets still poorly fitted. I wasn't happy to see the Minelab label sliced along the seam but apparently they don't remove them or replace them.

Two weeks later the gaskets were hanging out enough that it was worse than it was originally so I took it back.It just looked like the gaskets were too big for the job. This time they didn't ask for the freight cost because it was obviously repaired in-house. The screws were damaged from a poorly fitting tool and the gaskets were either tucked in or trimmed off.

I call Minelab and they had no record of it being repaired a second time but said to return it directly them. I did and received it back in good time with the screws replaced even though they looked used they were neat and tidy.

This year it did the same thing. After four months away the gaskets were hanging out and one was broken where I must have caught it on a stick. I called Minelab and had a bit of winge about the cost of returning it for it to just come back no better. My main concern is that the insides are exposed to dust and water. The technician I spoke to was very polite and assured me that even though the gasket is damaged he's never seen one with water or dust inside. Anyway I sent it back. It turned up today looking all good again with brand new undamaged screws and no gasket hanging out.

Has anybody had any problems keeping these rubber gaskets in place?

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