GEOMAP DATA Name Changes.

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GEOMAP DATA Name Changes.

Post by Blueapps on Fri 05 Jan 2018, 5:27 pm


Over the Christmas / New Year break DMIRS (DMP) has made some changes to the file names used in the Data and Software centre, which is where the Tenements information is downloaded from. As a result of this if you are using an automatic download App, (GeoMap Updater) or some other download program you may not be updating your tenement data in your projects even tho you think you are.

Previously Tenement data files (for current Tenements) was named Tenements.shp, this has now been changed to CurrentTenements.shp so any existing projects that you have created will need to have the Tenement layer removed and added again using the new file name CurrentTenements.

We will release a new Version of the GeoMap Updater App as soon as we can however users will need to contact us to have it installed. At this stage DMIRS cannot advise us if the change is a temporary one or permanent so this may happen again in the future.

Unfortunately this is beyond our control but we will rectify the problem with a patch as quickly as possible.


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