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I love Junk

Post by Bignuggs on Sun 20 Nov 2011, 12:19 pm

I was cleaning out a cupboard and found something I had completely forgotten about. Back in 94 when I was roaming around the eastern goldfields, I came across an old shaft in the middle of nowhere.
Didn't find any gold there but got some interesting stuff from the rubbish pile.
Old Holbrook sauce bottle stoppers, a glass marble that was used in bottles (I have been told they were used in bottles to stop gas leaking out).
Horse shoe nail I think, an old hand hammered stud (to big to be a pants stud) and "The key to GOLD" Razz
A screaming rock that I never broke up (its gettin done soon) and a core sample.
Now the core sample really got me thinking. Was it just carried there ? How did they get ? was the sample done by hand ?
There was no drilling in the area, I can only think it was done the hard way and it has some sparkly stuff in it.
I find it all interesting. It's an insight into the man or men who worked the hole.

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